Part Two

   The men said to him: “You can help us. We found some gold. Help to get it and then we can share the gold”. Tom was very happy. He wanted to give the gold to his parents, because they were very poor. The two men took him to a house. The house had a window with bars.

“You are very small”, they said, “You can get through the bars. There are many gold coins in the house. Take the coins and come back. Then we can share them”.
Tom got into the room and brought the coins to the window. When he finished he said to them:
“Now, take me down, please”. But the men didn’t take him down. They laughed and ran away. Tom began to cry.

There were some trees near the window. Tom climbed down one of the trees and fell on the ground. One of the coins was there. “This is my gold”, Tom said. “I shall take it. I shall give it to my parents. They will be very happy”. He took the coin home and gave it to his parents. But the gold coins belonged to the King. The next day the King went to the house, but there were not any gold coins there. “Send my soldiers to find the gold”, the King ordered. The soldiers came to Tom’s house and found the gold coin there. They took Tom’s parents to the King. “These people took your gold”, they said.
Tom went to the King and told him about the two men. Soon the Kings soldiers found the men. The King got his gold and punished the men. He didn’t punish Tom. Tom went home with his parents. They were very happy.

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